Our Community Outreach
The physicians of ABPA are actively involved in Community Programs/Health Fairs. Our ABPA physicians serve as role models at career fairs and inspire the youth at over 20 elementary, middle, and high schools in the Austin area. Contact us to get involved. Looking to participate in the ABPA’s mission to improve the health of the Black community? We welcome requests for participation! Complete this form to submit your request.

Students Via Mentorships
Over 50 premedical undergraduate students are currently paired with a physician and provided an opportunity to shadow a physician in the clinical setting. Medical students, interns, and residents are provided with physician role models and assistance with career development.

Additionally, the annual student/physician barbecue allows over 150 college students interested in health careers to interact with our ABPA physicians and personally gain insight into avenues for success in the field of medicine. Contact ABPA to get involved.

Students Via Scholarships
The Austin Black Physicians Association is proud to offer scholarships for MCAT preparation courses.
In an effort to increase underrepresented minorities in U.S. Medical Schools, we intend to provide MCAT prep course certificates to those applicants who are chosen.

Scholarships are awarded to premedical undergraduate students who have demonstrated academic excellence, community involvement, and financial need. The scholarships are supported by our annual fundraising charity event and donations.

Our Members 
The Austin Black Physicians Association is a 501 (c)(3) organization dedicated to the health and education of the African American community. Our work is focused on supporting medical care, research, and diversity and decreasing the health disparities that adversely affect all people of color. Join us at an upcoming event.

ABPA Fundraising Gala 

An event designed to raise funds that will provide pre-medical students with scholarships to enroll in a Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) preparatory course. Students who participate in a preparatory course are more likely to be successful candidates for medical school. African-American students often cannot afford the expensive ($3,000) courses that are critical for many students to earn competitive scores on the medical school admissions test. This scholarship will close a gap that makes a difference in the lives of promising black students.

With your generous financial support and partnership, we hope to expand our ranks, improve diversity in the healthcare workforce and increase access to healthcare in the African-American community. Together, we will help make this dream of becoming a doctor a reality for some of our talented black students.

Unable to attend? Donations are welcome.


ABPA provides multiple opportunities for our network of Black Physicians to get involved within the local community including physician membership engagement, fundraising campaign for student scholarships, student mentoring, and community health promotion activities.

Find a Black Doctor

Looking for a Black doctor? Search our database to find a Black doctor in the Greater Austin area.

Community Outreach

We work extensively throughout Greater Austin providing services that help improve the health of our community.


Our mentorship and scholarship programs help encourage and support the next generation of Black doctors.


Serve your community by supporting our mission and inspiring the next generation of doctors by becoming a member and mentor via our organization.


Help us save lives and build upon promising futures. Give today.

Your Donation Can Make a Great Impact

Support our mission by making your contribution today.  Know your dollars support real care and work needed in the Austin Community. Your invaluable support will help us:

  • Help end health disparities in Austin
  • Educate the community with health events and resources
  • Support and care for Black Americans within the community
  • Support and encourage the next generation of Black doctors
  • Help students via scholarships to pay for testing that they could not easily afford
  • And so much more

Please consider giving a tax-deductible gift today.

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